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Guard Card Training Center
Weinstein Security, Inc. uses its website primarily for advertising purposes to provide information for customers and employees. Information is gathered through the website for scheduling Guard Card Training Courses. Information gathered for this purpose:

1. Name of Student
2. Email and phone number of student
3. Preferred dates of the training sessions
4. Possible credit card information to reserve & pay for the training session

The information gathered in 1-3 above is communicated to a member of the office staff of Weinstein Security, Inc. via a secure email solely to reserve and/or process the training session and is not provided to any employee outside of the office of the Company or to any outside party. This information remains at the corporate headquarters of Weinstein Security, Inc. for no less than three (3) years. If the training session is not scheduled or paid for, it is possible that the information in 1-3 is destroyed or deleted from the email.

Weinstein Security, Inc. utilizes third party, contracted, merchant services to process credit cards. Any credit card information gathered on the website is encrypted directly to the merchant service provider and is not provided to Weinstein Security, Inc. Weinstein Security, Inc. does not have access to any credit card information through the website.

Application Process

Weinstein Security, Inc. provides a PDF version of its employment application online. It is not submitted through the website. It must be printed and provided to the Company outside of the website. Therefore, no information is gathered through the website regarding the application process.

Employee Portal

Weinstein Security, Inc. currently utilizes an Employee Portal for current employees to access and obtain information and forms. This is a one-way information system. No data or information of any kind is gathered from the Employee Portal.

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