Affordable Patrol Service

Santa Rosa Security Guard

Patrol Service is an affordable way to prevent problems on your property when you’re not there, as well as a way to ensure that your employees have properly secured your property for the night.

How it Works

Our uniformed security officers patrol your property in clearly marked security vehicles. They randomly check your property, performing the tasks designated by you with the help of our experienced management team. These tasks will be performed daily during a range of hours agreed upon by you and the security experts at Weinstein Security. Our officers have an open line of communication 24 hours a day with our office team in order to instantly notify the proper authorities when necessary and at your discretion.

Competitive Rates

Our rate is charged monthly, and is based on the amount of time it takes to thoroughly check your property and perform the requested tasks. Our rates are competitive and our service is excellent. Please contact us today for a quote!

Some Tasks We Perform Include, But Are Not Limited To:

    Napa Security Guard
  • Check doors and windows
  • Check gates
  • Check perimeters of fence lines
  • Watch for loiterers and trespassers – ask them to leave the property
  • Watch for any suspicious persons or activity on the property
  • Tag cars in parking lots and advise the owners of parking violations
  • Drive through with spotlights as a security presence and deterrent