Calling all high-school grads! Need a job?

Congratulations, you’re almost finished with high school. The big question is, what’s next? There are many options once you graduate. Maybe you’re moving to college. Or, you picked a college near home to save money. You could be going for the gap-year plan and are about to embark on an exciting journey around the world. Or, you’re going to start working right out of school. The good news is you have options. Not just big options like college, travel, or work, but options to help you get where you want to go. Basically, how you’ll make it all happen.

At this point in your life, autonomy is upon you. You finally get to make your own decisions and determine where life will take you. If we can make just one assumption, it’s that you’ll need some money, either money for fun or money that will support you. That’s where we can help. We have a pretty sweet opportunity for high school grads. Interested?

You can join our team as a professional security officer. It might not sound like a glamorous job, and we’ll be honest, it’s not. It’s better. A security guard position is actually pretty easy. Our security officers OBSERVE AND REPORT only. You never have to worry about dealing with anything stressful. You won’t be chasing anyone or getting involved in any physical altercations. Best of all, you’re on your own. If you’re tired of always having someone breathing down your neck, this is the job for you. We give you responsibility and trust you with it.

If you think you’re stuck making minimum wage right out of high school, think again. We pay higher than minimum wage, which means more money in your pockets. We know that living in California isn’t cheap. We want you to feel comfortable in affording your life after high school. It’s a great way to make some money while you’re in college or each summer between semesters. Summers are always our busiest time so we can give you as much or as little hours that fit into your lifestyle. We also work around college schedules all the time and would be happy to accommodate yours too.

We have a bunch of experience training people entirely new to the field. You don’t need any experience to get started. A friendly and courteous demeanor is all you need. You will learn valuable skills to take into your next job or career. Or who knows, maybe you’ll discover that a career in security or law enforcement is right for you.

Ready to apply? You can submit an online application here. Need a little more information first? You can check out our employee benefits page here or give us a call at 707.836.1022. We’ll happily answer any questions you have. If you know anyone else that might be interested, please share this article. Share on Facebook