A Thank You to Those that Ran Toward the Fire

A Thank You to Those that Ran Toward the Fire

It’s hard to breathe a sigh of relief when the air is still filled with smoke in Napa and Sonoma Valley. Tension has run high since late Sunday night on October 8th, 2017, when the most destructive fire in California history swept through the North Bay Area. But, we choose to lift our heads and give thanks.

Countless residents woke abruptly to pounding on their doors accompanied by a quick and stern shout to evacuate. For many, that saved their lives. Sudden fires such as this one bring on a series of split-second movements. You grab what matters, which for the most part is anything with a heartbeat, and you get to safety as quickly as possible. But some people ran in the opposite direction, they ran toward the flames. It’s to those that chose to fight for the protection of our community that we owe the deepest and most heartfelt thank you.

First responders rushed to our towns from across the country to fight the fires. They slept in tents for 2-3 hours at a time and spent their waking hours closest to the flames. The response we saw from these men and women is humbling. The devastation would have been far greater without them and we cannot thank them enough for their bravery.

We are in awe at how our community members came together during this event. Many darted next door and woke their neighbors even when their own lives were at risk. Some stood guard with hoses and put out sparks as they landed, saving homes, people, and animals. Throughout this past week, people have opened their doors, cooked hot meals for strangers, and donated valuable resources. We are grateful to be a part of this strong North Bay Area community.

We are also filled with immense pride and gratitude for our employees. Many of which still showed up to work in the midst of disaster. Some had even been evacuated themselves yet chose to protect others. The dedication and selflessness we saw this week from our team are profound. Our guards checked on homes and businesses and went above and beyond to support the community in any way they could.

Many of us are still returning to our homes hoping for the best as evacuation notices are lifted. Our thoughts are with those that have suffered losses. We received a surge in service requests this week from the community, which we, unfortunately, could not fulfill all due to bandwidth. We will continue to protect, serve, and support our community in any way we can as we navigate our recovery as a whole. We invite anyone that wishes to join us in our efforts to apply now for a security guard position. From what we saw this week, we can promise that you will be joining a steadfast and extraordinary team of people.

Thank you to all for your love, support, and courage.

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