Package Piracy Prevention Tips

pexels-photo-29410Tis that time of the year- holidays, family gatherings, and presents!  Unfortunately, porch poaching appears to be on the rise around the country.   A study conducted in 2015 by the Princeton Survey Research Associates International estimates that about 23 million American have had a package stolen at some point.  That’s a lot of hard earned money and long-awaited gifts going down the drain.  This holiday season, make sure you receive everything you’ve been waiting for by preventing porch theft with these handy tips!

  1. Get tracking on all your packages, so you know when they’re on their way and when they arrive.  If you know your package is out for delivery today, and deliveries usually come between 2-3pm, you can schedule a time to be around to directly receive your package.
  2. Leave instructions for your mail carrier.  The standard instructions are for carriers to leave the package at the door if there’s no response- but this is the easiest way for someone to steal your goodies!  If you know the package will be delivered at an inopportune time of day, you can leave instructions for the package to be left with a neighbor or to bring it back to the post office until you can pick it up.
  3. If you’re going out of town, you can have the USPS put a hold on your mail for up to 30 days for free!
  4. Have packages delivered to your workplace during work hours (make sure it’s ok with your boss first!).
  5. Use FedEx and USP apps.  Both companies offer web apps that allow you to reroute and reschedule your delivery, in case you’re not going to be home that day, for a fee.
  6. Utilize Amazon lockers.  You may have seen these big yellow lockers popping up around convenience and grocery stores; if you shop with Amazon, they can ship your parcels to these handy lockers to keep your package safe for up to three days.  Once your parcel arrives, you’ll be sent a code by text that will unlock your locker.  Read more about Amazon lockers here.
  7. Post a warning sign for a surveillance system.  You may or may not have one in place, but it’s been shown that such signs greatly deter theft.
  8. Install a smart security camera at your door.  An obvious camera may be enough to keep thieves from even thinking about taking your goodies, but if they do, you have evidence of the theft and should be able to use that for a refund or replacement.  You may also be able to catch the perpetrator!