Summer Barbecue Safety

man-people-boy-grill-grilling-bbq-barbecueWe bet you’ve been doing a lot of barbecuing this summer and plan to do a lot more. We want to make sure you and your family are safe at all times by reminding you about some really simple, but often overlooked safety rules when entertaining and cooking for your friends and family.




  1. CLEAN: Keeping your grill clean can prevent grease fires and other dangers. 
  2. DISTANCE: Keep the bbq or any source of flame far away from the house or anything else that could potentially catch on fire. Be more aware of what’s being stored near the BBQ area. 
  3. STABILITY: Make sure the BBQ is stable and all legs are firmly touching the ground. Get yourself a mat or non-slip pad that is BBQ safe for underneath, to keep things in place. 
  4. EXTINGUISH: Is there a hose nearby? What about a fire extinguisher? Be prepared for the worst. No one wants to be that guy/girl that goes into panic mode when the entire neighborhood is at your house. 
  5. BE PRESENT: Do not leave a grill unattended. Need to grab a beer or chat with a friend really quickly? Ask someone to watch the grill while you’re away. 
  6. DOUBLE CHECK: Did you turn the gas off? All the way? If you’re using coals, make sure they are out completely before you put the BBQ away.