Interested In A Career In Private Security?


Have you ever considered a position in private security? There are some misconceptions about what a private security guard does on a day to day basis that Weinstein Security would like to clear up.

There are two types of security guards: Armed, and Unarmed.  When an applicant is searching for a security job, it’s important for them to discover in the interview and research process which type of security the company is providing.  Not all security companies require aggressive techniques.  Many only want the officer to observe and report.

Weinstein Security employs unarmed guards.  Although they are allowed to make citizens’ arrests just like any other citizen, our company focuses more on providing services to clients that prefer our security officers to use common sense and verbal techniques to politely guide the public and to offer assistance in making sure the rules and regulations of the business and property they are protecting be followed.

Being a security officer isn’t as scary as you might think.  It is nothing like being a cop and most of the work involves greeting people and politely but sternly asking them to leave the premises during non-business hours.  Your job as a security officer is not to chase people or act aggressive towards anyone.  You are not expected to take any self-defense classes and you do not carry weapons.  If you do see a burglary or a criminal act, it is your job to call the police and not engage.  It is a low stress job where you are by yourself most of the time.

This is a job for someone who enjoys being alone without being micromanaged.  The sites that we send our guards to are also very safe.  In construction zones you are expected to give friendly reminders to people not to trespass.  Night shifts at places like car dealerships, wineries, or strip malls involve either walking around or driving in a car around the premises.  Some competitors send their security guards to the same location every day, we on the other hand send our guards to different locations if you want a change of pace.

If you believe that being a security officer is a good fit for you then please contact us. Weinstein Security is hiring for Security Guard Services in Sonoma, Napa, Mendocino and Marin Counties.