How To Use Your Cell Phone As A Safety Tool

How To Use Your Cell Phone As A Safety Tool

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We use our phones every day for countless tasks, but have you ever considered your cell phone to be a safety tool in case of emergencies? Follow the tips below, and your cell phone may one day, save your life.

Use Your Cell Camera For More Than Just Selfies:

  1. Photograph your wallet: Take photos of you ID, primary credit cards, and a shot of your open wallet so that you can report what’s missing if your wallet gets stolen. Keep all the photos stores in a “Locker” app that is password protected.
  2. Photograph your pet’s ID tags: In case they go missing and you’re in a rush to find their ID numbers or microchip numbers
  3. Photograph your children in the clothes they will be wearing when going to crowded like places like amusement parks and sporting events so that you have an accurate photo of them in case they go missing.
  4. Photograph your “In Case Of Emergency” info and have your kids and spouses set it as their home screens on their phones.
  5. Photograph your medications and doctor’s prescription. This can come in handy if you lose your meds when you are away from your home town.

Save yourself valuable minutes during an emergency or time sensitive situation and have the following phone numbers stored in your cell:

  1. Your ICE (In case of emergency) numbers (Husband, Wife, Mother, Father)
  2. Local Fire Dept., Police Dept., Water & Power Companies
  3. Poison Control
  4. Local hospitals
  5. Next door neighbors
  6. Insurance Agents 
  7. Animal Control.


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