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Mendocino County Security Guard

Our skilled and professional management team consults directly with you to provide the most efficient and effective security service for your home or workplace. The following Alarm Services can be personalized in a variety of combinations in order to meet your individual needs. No job is too small — or too big!

Alarm Installation & Service (Repair)

  • Residential & Commercial
  • Competitive Pricing
  • Service your existing system

Plus, our alarm installation team can provide you with an alarm system that offers quality and pricing that are very competitive in the industry. Call Dan for a consultation, and he will work directly with you to design a package that will meet your specific needs in your home, property or place of business.

Alarm Monitoring Service

Weinstein Security, Inc. utilizes one of the largest alarm monitoring companies in the country. Your alarm signal is sent through an electronic switched network to Emergency24′s central station. The system automatically dials the emergency numbers for more accurate and immediate response than your local dispatch can provide.

The key to quality monitoring is in the system and the professional training of the dispatch team. Emergency24 has the resources to train and supervise staff to assure you the highest reliability.

Santa Rosa Security Guard

Marin Security Guard

“when speed and reliability are crucial”

Alarm Response

Ever Have False Alarms?
What if Local Authorities are Unable to Respond?

False alarms happen to even the most careful people! Unfortunately, local law enforcement in many areas of California are cracking down on false alarms — even when they are well-meaning or accidental. Many citizens who think they are doing the right thing will be charged or even fined for too many false alarms.

If this is a concern for you or for a family member who may live alone or need extra security support for any reason, Weinstein Security can provide you with a licensed, uniformed, unarmed security officer to respond to your alarm in a clearly marked security vehicle for a flat fee per response. That way, you can get the caring response you need for yourself, your family or your loved ones without taking the risk that the municipal emergency response system may fine you for a call for help.

Napa Security Guard

Security Services available in Sonoma, Napa, Mendocino and Marin Counties.