How To Keep Employees Safe At Night

How To Keep Employees Safe At Night


Does your business close late? Do you have graveyard employees? Does your staff feel uneasy when closing up? Check out the following list of security tips to make your staff feel safe and secure while at work:

  1. Never walk to your car alone!– Always use the buddy system when leaving the building. Even if your staff clocks out at different times, ask someone to walk you to your car. You are a less than desirable target when walking in pairs. Make sure you have your keys in hand when leaving the building and leave the parking lot as soon as you get into your car. People digging through purses looking for keys or sitting in their car texting are at a higher risk to be attacked. 
  2. Don’t use the stairs!-If your employees park in a parking garage, encourage them to use the elevators. Poorly lit stairs leading to your car can be inviting to attackers. 
  3. Light your parking lot and outer building– Crimes are more likely to occur in poorly lit or dark places. Make sure that your parking lot has bright lights. Use motion lighting on the building and outside of the doors to deter criminals. 
  4. Make an emergency plan and practice it.-Having an emergency plan that your team has run through several times will put their minds at ease. Make sure your staff knows where all the emergency exits are, how to lock the building down quickly, who to call, where to hide, and how to react. 
  5. Camera Surveillance– If your type of business permits, install cameras and make the footage available to your employees, especially at night. Should the doorbell ring, or a strange sound occur, video footage of potential danger gives your staff time to react and make a plan. Don’t hide your cameras. Make them visible and use signage to let criminals know they are on camera. 
  6. Buzz In Doors-If you have late night deliveries or customers, try using a buzz in door system along with your video surveillance so that your staff knows who is coming inside. 
  7. Stashing Cash-Do your employees leave the building with large amounts of cash? Have a secure space, like a combo safe for them to store it in, and pick up in the light of day. Restaurant employees are popular targets for thieves, knowing that they are walking to their cars with their tips in hand. 
  8. Hire A Security Team-Weinstein Security officers patrol office buildings, parks and more to maintain peace and safety. Security officers can remain outside, patrol properties, and check that your doors and access points are locked. (You would be surprised how often employees forget to lock up after a long day.)


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